Eliminate Candida Yeast Infections
To eliminate yeast infections, candida and thrush, you must attack the yeast infections that show up anywhere in your body, kill the candida overgrowth in the intestinal tract as you adjust the intestinal environment to keep candida from overgrowing again, and boost the immune system so it can better help fight yeast infections.

Total Immune Booster is a new yeast infection fighting formulation that has remarkable abilities for dealing with yeast infections, vaginal yeast infections, candida and thrush. It contains patented and highly effective ingredients that attack systemic yeast infections anywhere in your body, get rid of the overgrowth of candida in the intestinal tract as it repopulates it with friendly organisms, and support the immune system. Combined in one product, these ingredients work together synergistically to increase their effectiveness over taking individual formulations.

A yeast infection is most often caused by overgrowth of candida yeast in the intestinal tract that changes into a fungal form when it overgrows. In the fungal form it literally drills holes in the intestinal wall with its long legs. (It looks a bit like a very tiny spider with long legs). Not only does this allow undigested food to enter the bloodstream, stressing the immune system and causing food allergies, but the candida yeast can then enter the bloodstream and infect the rest of your body.

If the candida colonizes in the mouth and throat it is called thrush, in the sinuses you have a sinus infection, the ears - an ear infection, the vagina - a vaginal yeast infection, the skin - skin fungus, jock itch, athlete's feet, toenail fungus, rashes, even excema can be caused by candida yeast overgrowth.

The reason why anti-fungal drugs and herbs fail to get rid of thrush, vaginal or other types of candida yeast infections for good is threefold. Though antifungal herbs and drugs kill some of the candida, candida that survive overgrow again and re-infect the body, especially if the intestinal environment has not been improved.

The immune system has not been strengthened so it can't help out. And the candida that survive are the ones that are most resistant to the drug or herb being used so it gets harder and harder to control candida infections over time.

To deal effectively with candida yeast infections of any type, you have to address three issues:

1. You've got to kill candida throughout the body.

2. You've got to improve the intestinal environment so candida will no longer overgrow.

3. You've got to strengthen the immune system so it can more effectively fight candida.

Most often candida overgrowth happens because antibiotic therapy has wiped out the friendly bacteria in the intestines. Drinking chlorinated water kills them, even birth control pills kill your friendly bacteria. The absence of friendly bacteria allows the candida yeast to overgrow. So it is of the upmost importance in the battle to get rid of your candida infections that the intestines be repopulated with a hardy colony of friendly bacteria through probiotic supplementation. Yogurt won't help to fight candida overgrowth in the intestines. According to Dr. Mercola, the bacteria in yogurt do not colonize in the intestinal tract, they just act as a food source for the bacteria already there. Plus many of the yogurts available today are filled with sugar.

And unfortunately, most probiotic supplements, including the friendly bacteria in ThreeLac, Primal Defense and FloraSource, also do not colonize the intestinal tract very well. Not nearly as well as you would like them to.

Researchers have found that usually the friendly bacteria in probiotic supplements don't form thriving colonies in the intestines. It is a tough environment, and a hard place to be thrown into and survive.

Soil based organisms like the ones in Primal Defense only live three days before they die. The bacteria in ThreeLac aren't known for surviving in the intestinal tract.

And even a well known formulatiion like FloraSource has the drawback that all traditionally produced probiotics have, the bacteria are all grown separately and thrown together in the capsule, mixed together just like you mix ingredients in a cake. So that when they activate, they compete against each other because they are not used to each other and don't get along. (The organisms in Living Grains already know each other and in fact, work together so well, they kill all pathogens they contact.) Most probiotics are ineffective at controlling and conquering candida or other types of yeast and fungal infections because mold or fungus will grow with them. Including Primal Defense. Not so with Living Grains.

According to the International Journal of Food Microbiology, in one study, out of 30 powdered products labeled "probiotic," Belgian biologists concluded that in fact, many did not contain the bacteria they said they did. In addition, in many cases the researchers found bacteria other than those named on the label.

More than a third of the powdered products contained no living bacteria whatsoever. So a great deal of the friendly bacteria are dead and useless when you take them.

In addition, the friendly bacteria in most acidophilus, probiotic and soil based organism formulations are also killed by stomach acidity.

As you can see, most probiotic formulations do a poor job at recolonizing the intestinal tract and eliminating candida.

There is one patented probiotic formulation that avoids these pitfalls. Living Grains. It is manufactured differently than other formulations, and is the best supplement for fighting candida yeast infections there is. It is part of an overall candida formulation in...

Total Immune Booster It addresses all the above issues. Users have reported that it helped them get rid of candida in a short period of time when the usual dose is double or tripled. Unquestionably, it provides more candida fighting ability. Here's what sets it apart from other anti-candida supplements and probiotics.

In fact, even though it is the best probiotic formulation on the market, iit is more than a probiotic because it also contains allicin...

Allicin Kills Yeast, Candida and Bad Bacteria Total Immune Booster contains 200 mgs of AlliMax. Allimax is a patented stabilized extract of garlic allicin. Allicin is the active ingredient in garlic that is responsible for almost all of garlic's numerous health benefits.

It is usually ineffective in supplements because stomach digestion inhibits the process needed to create allicin. (Allicin is not in garlic, a precursor is in garlic which is changed to allicin when garlic is crushed.) So until Allimax was developed, no supplements provided significant amounts of allicin. The only way you could get it was to eat garlic! And you had to eat a lot. Alimax is pure stabelized allicin, not a precurser.

It has no odor so it is much more pleasant to take than other garlic supplements. And because it is an extract and does not contain some of the sulfurs and other things found in garlic, you are less likely to be allergic to it or bothered by it like you may be from eating garlic. The amount of allicin in one serving (2 capsules) of Total Immune booster is equivalent to the amount you would get in eating 35 to 50 garlic cloves.

The point of all this is that Allimax is very effective at killing candida and many other types of yeast and fungus. According to numerous studies, candida is very sensitive to allicin and is killed by even small concentrations of it. In fact, allicin kills a wide range of pathogens. Bad bacteria like E coli. Viruses. It's even been proven to work against antibiotic resistant superbugs. No question about it, Total Immune Booster will effectively attack candida throughout the body - systemically - because of AlliMax. No other probiotic formulation will do so.

Allimax is pure allicin. In it, garlic's active component has been captured, stabilized, and through a patented process, it is delivered directly to where your body needs it. A sophisticated refinement process uses the finest raw garlic bulbs to formulate allicin liquid which is spray-dried to produce pure allicin powder. You receive all the wonderful benefits of garlic without the negative side effects of odor and taste. You get other major health benefits from consuming the Allimax in Total Immune Booster. The research is impressive.

Years of research conducted at The Garlic Centre of Battle, East Sussex, United Kingdom, the world's leading garlic research center, have proven the pharmacological activities of allicin in many areas, including:

Cardiovascular Health: It is an anti-coagulation--thins the blood, anti-hypertensive--reduces blood pressure. It reduces blood platelet clumping, reduces blood fibrinogen which keeps blood circulation healthy, reduces high blood cholesterol and delays aging.

Medical researchers in America and England have shown it to reduce cholesterol levels by 12 to 40%, when therapeutic amounts of allicin are consumed for a period of 6 weeks. Significant reduction of blood pressure was also experienced by the test subjects.

Quite a lot of ways garlic fights the most deadly killer of all. Maybe this is why longevity studies conducted by Dr. Narain at the Public Health Department in Dehli, India, revealed that 98% of all "centurians" studied consumed at least one clove of garlic every day. Remember, one serving - two capsules - of Total Immune Booster provide the equivalent amount of allicin contained in 35 to 50 cloves of garlic.

There's more, allicin is thought to be the key component involved in the process of vasodilation of the small capillaries and alveoli in the lungs, thus improving the circulation and breathing capacity. As such, it is beneficial to those with allergies, asthma and hay fever.

Killing Pathogens: It is anti-microbial--kills microscopic organisms, antibiotic--kills poisonous bacteria, anti-parasitic--kills parasites, anti-mycotic--kills fungal infections, and anti-viral--kills viruses.

No wonder why Total Immune Booster works powerfully on candida and yeast infections. John Hopkins Medical School reports the most common cause of sinusitis is a fungal infection. Research shows that allicin is very effective with many fungi, including Aspergillus, Candida, Coccidioides, Cryptotoccocci, Histoplasma and Trichophyton.

Many types of bacteria are readily killed by allicin, especially those that infest the throat, ears, chest and stomach. It can also kill E-coli; antibiotic-resistant Staphylococus aureus; and the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, the cause of most stomach ulcers. It is also excellent for supporting the...

Immune System: Garlic allicin is: anti-tumor--reduces or prevents malignant tumors, an antioxidant--scavenges and removes dangerous free radicals, and it is an immune modulator--it repairs and brings balance to the immune system. In addition it detoxifies heavy metals--removes lead, mercury and other toxic material.

Recently, researchers in Pennsylvania have shown that by injecting an allicin compound, tumors can be reduced by half, and by adding Sallylcysteine, it can stop cancer-causing agents from binding to human breast cells.

No question about it, the allicin alone in Total Immune Booster kills pathogens in the intestinal tract and throughout the body. Allicin is a pre-biotic that gets the intestinal tract to be a friendlier environment for good bacteria to live in.

Total Immune Booster Supplies Additional Immune System Support

The immune system becomes weakened and wiped out fighting candida over an extended period of time. It must be strengthened in order to get rid of candida. Total Immune Booster will help in this regard by providing AlliMax and three other immune system support ingredients. They include:

Swedish Flower Pollen which provides natural support for the immune system as many of its elements act as catalysts, and the "life giving" nutrient factors in the pollen assist the body in digesting, absorbing, and assimilating the elements of food that otherwise would be eliminated as waste. Research by Sir Alec Isaac, discoverer of interferon, revealed that it combines with DNA and RNA and assists in the process of synthesizing interferon for the body's immune system. Double-blind studies show that pollen extracts are effective in minimizing the symptoms of colds, flu, and upper respiratory tract infections, and in promoting quick recovery after onset.

Patented Beta 1, 3-D Glucan, made from whole glucan particulate material from Baker's Yeast, is the purest, most effective (and expensive) Beta Glucan product available, and is considered by health researchers who have tested it to be perhaps the most effective immune enhancing substances ever discovered. The whole cell beta glucan is considered the best, not the split cell beta glucan found in most supplements. Independent research studies conducted in various universities and hospitals, as well as the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Biology Research Institute, have provided thousands of references that established Beta Glucan's efficacy and safety.

Chinese Wolfberry , also called Goji berries, is a nutrient-dense super food that is rich in polysaccharides, which have potent immune stimulating effects. These polysaccharides appear to be highly effective in raising levels of immunoglobulin, an immune protein that steadily declines with age. It is over 15 percent protein, contains 21 essential minerals and 18 amino acids and is making quite a name for itself these days. Total Immune Booster has small amounts of these three immune supplements. It's most important function is in supplying the best and most effective probiotic on the market.

Total Immune Booster Fights Candida and Yeast in the Intestinal Tract It could be argued that AlliMax may be as valuable, but perhaps the most important ingredient in Total Immune Booster is a uniques and patented formulation of 67 friendly organisms called Living Grains. It is a complete ecosystem probiotic capable of providing the perfect balance for intestinal flora. More important than the number of different organisms is how it is made. Unlike most probiotic products on the market, which are the result of "mono" or " micro blending" (like making a cake) of individual, separately grown bacteria, the 67 species in Living Grains were grown together, in a colony, thriving independently as a complete and active system. They know each other and form a cohesive colony of organism that are so powerful, they cannot mutate or be overwhelmed by any unfriendly microorganism. Molds and candida cannot grow where it is. This also makes them capable of sustaining and proliferating indefinitely in your intestinal tract. This ability to proliferate indefinitely and to be aggressive against candida and yeast that it won't allow them to survive, is what separates Living Grains from other probiotics and soil organisms.

The developer of Living Grains found that 95% of the acidophilus and other probiotic formulations he tested, including soil based organism formulations like Primal Defense, had mold in the capsules. Mold is not what you want to have in a probiotic formulation. And you won’t get any with Total Immune Booster. Molds and other pathogens cannot survive in a Living Grains colony. It cannot even be induced to grow molds. Candida will have its place in your intestinal tract, where it is supposed to be, but it will not be able to overgrow after you repopulate your intestinal tract with Living grains.

In addition, Living Grains helps break down food, deals with any digestive problem, cleans out the intestinal tract, and acts as a powerful antioxidant. It is not challenged by low or high acidity so it gets through the stomach acidity without any problem. Because of the way it is processed, it does not need refrigeration, and maintains full potency in the capsules.

Clearly, if you want to get rid of candida yeast infections and keep them gone, Total Immune Booster on its own provides the necessary foundation for you to succeed. It aggressively attacks candida throughout the body, supports and strengthens the immune system, and is more effective than other probiotic formulations in repopulating the intestinal tract with a thriving colony of friendly organisms that will attack and kill candida.

Below is a list of just some of the characteristics of Living Grains:

•It cannot be induced to grow mold, and stops the growth of mold in things it is mixed with.
•Placed onto wounds, it will cause more efficient healing.
•Can be used to pickle food. Used, as an ingredient in bread dough, it makes delicious bread.
•Can be added to hand creams and lotions to promote healing. It is currently being successfully tested in a facemask to treat acne.
•Dramatically improves elimination and improves digestion too.
•Helps to control parasites.
•Helps with ulcers.
•Helps to eliminate body odors.
•Is an anti-oxidant: Helps significantly to fight free radicals.
•Helps to heal internal damage.
•Reduces mucous.

No other probiotic formulation is as aggressive at getting rid of Candida Yeast Infections as Total Immune Booster.